Shinsa Conclusion and Congratulations!

Marubashi Dojo Kyokushin Karate sends a huge congratulations to the members of our Kyokushin community who endured this past Saturday’s shinsa testing at Green Mountain Dojo in Montpelier, VT.  


Sosai Mas Oyama tells us that only with “tears and toil” are achievements truly worthwhile.  This five-hour shinsa was the conclusion of the shinsa that began in October, and encompassed all aspects of our Budo System.  The five students who were tested over the course of these two events displayed immense dedication, discipline, and spirit; boards were broken, limits pushed, and, as one student cheered on during hard-fought kumite, all was “left on the mat.”  We couldn’t be more proud to call Jesus, Joe, Alex, Ted and Sempai Nick our fellow karateka, and are fortunate to push and be pushed by them.

A special thanks Shihan Flynn, Sensei Flynn, Sensei Perez and Sensei Ratelle, as well as everyone and all the dojo’s who came far and wide to show their support.


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